b'TECHNICAL Come to the Coverings demos at 2 pm each day in the IDE #3757 to watch the piece unfold and learn about incorporating artisanship into your installations!patterns, and creating templatesTuesday: Fabrication and Scribing from your patterns. for Complex Designs Utilize various tools for templat- At the end of this session partici-ing. pants should be able to: Identify appropriate materials to Recognize different methods and incorporate in artistic tile designstools to scribe and shape tile.based on desired aesthetics and Identifymethodstobackand complexity of cuts required. pre-mount your tile pieces. Labelandcolorcodepiecesof Beabletoreadyourmate-the tile for identifi cation. rialsoitcanwithstandfi neCreate and use a design patternfabrication.thatcanbemanipulatedinto Identifyopportunitiestointro-multiplepatternsfordifferentduce clients to artistic designs in uses and spaces. tile work.Beinspiredtoadvanceartisan- Wednesday: Installation of Artistic ship in the trade. Artwork Identifyopportunitiestointro- At the end of this session partici-duce clients to artistic designs inpants should be able to:tile work. Determine different prep consid-86TileLetter | 2020'