b'ASK THE EXPERTSASK THE EXPERTSdrain system you are installing will is sponsored by determine how close the drain body can be placed to the wall and how thewaterproofingwillbeflashed to the drain body. As you know, it is critical to not have a cold joint LATICRETE launched two HYDRO BANorcrackordebondedwaterproof-products to offer customers a cost-effectiveing connection from the wall to the system of products needed to waterproof adrainbody.Ifusingaliquid,you shower. HYDRO BAN Shower Pan comesmightwanttoconsideraddinga inmultipleinterlockingpiecesforeasyscrim film to help with the bonding/transportability/sizing, and HYDRO BANconnection. Please check with both Shower Pan Kit provides everything need- the drain and liquid manufacturers ed for a shower installation in one pack- toverifytheirinstructionsforthe age. HYDRO BAN Shower Pan includes a pan and HYDRO BAN Sheet Membranemembrane connection in a close to to cover the pan. The sheet membrane pro- wall configuration.vides the option to waterproof the showerI am not familiar with every type usingHYDROBANliquidovercementofdrainbodyouttherebutIdo board or with HYDRO BAN Board, soldknow there is at least one designed separately. HYDRO BAN Shower Kit works in con- where the flange can be mounted junction with existing LATICRETE products,fairly flush with the substrate. Best and is backed by the LATICRETE Lifetimeto check with the manufacturer of System Warranty. the drain body.Both products are designed to be in- Therearesomebaggedmud stalled with HYDRO BAN Bonding Flange Drains. They are suitable for use to con- products that are designed to ramp struct pre-sloped showers in an industrial,downtoaggregatelevel.Icant commercial, or residential setting, stalledvouchfortheirperformanceat communalshowersandpetshowers.such a thin layer at such a critical www.laticrete.com.point as the transition to the drain inashowerfloor.Areyouusing a bagged mud product? Does the manufacturer of the waterproofing membrane have one that will work wellwiththeirmembranesystem at such a thin layer?If the manufacturers of the drain andsettingmaterialsareableto give you a written confirmation of their concurrence with this install you should be good to go. If not, Iwouldreconsiderandgowith 18TileLetter | 2020'