b'ASK THE EXPERTSAsk the Experts Q&As are culled from member inquiries to NTCAs Technical Support staff. To become a member and make use of personal, targeted answers from Technical Support staff to your installation questions, contact Jim Olson at jim@tile-assn.com.QUESTION doatestareainaninconspicu-I got a call today from a customerous place like a closet or behind a whochippedherSaltillotileandrefrigerator. If you can identify what wants to know if it can be repaired.was used originally to seal the fl oor, Thetileactuallyhasmanychipsit would be ideal to use that prod-andimperfections,butthesepar- uct. Many times changing the color ticular chips took the outer glazeoftheclayunderbodythatisvis-or sealer off of them, exposing theible in the chipped area by sealing raw clay. Could I go over the openmakes the chip virtually disappear. spots with a high-gloss sealer andI hope this helps. close them up? Any ideas or guid-Robb Roderick, ance would be greatly appreciated. NTCA Technical TrainerQUESTIONHow close to the tile wall can a linear drain be placed?Implanningtouseanelas-tomericwaterproofi ngmembrane andinstallthemortarbedusing the divot method around the drain. Can the drain fl ange sit directly on thesubfl oorwithmortarpacked around it? I havent found a stan-ANSWER dardforthicknessofthemortar Dependingonthedepthofthebed around the drain fl ange.chip, the application of a high gloss sealer could work. One importantANSWERcomponent when using sealers overGreat question!pre-sealed tile is to make sure thatManylineardrainscanbeset thesealersarecompatiblewithright up to the wall so that the wall eachother. Whenevertwosealerstile runs perpendicular down to the are not compatible, it can leave adrain opening making a very clean whitecloudyappearanceonthelook.Justneedtomakesurethe tile that is diffi cult and sometimesdrain top/grate is removable.impossibletoremove.SoalwaysThe type and manufacturer of the 16TileLetter | 2020'