b'NTCANTCA goes all out for Coverings 20Ifyouareacontractororinstaller, theInstallation&DesignExperience (IDE) in booth #3757 is the place to be. Hereand in the surrounding vicin-ity, youll find events, education, and experiencestoenhanceandexpand your business and build your brand.BeforeCoveringsevengetsstarted, a group of Tile Partners in Action vol-unteerswillpartnerwithCoverings, lowernine.org, and MAPEI on Sunday April 19 to help rebuild flood-damaged propertiesintheLowerNinthWard neighborhood. This home rebuild pro-gram has returned more area families to safe, affordable housing than any other singleorganizationintheneighbor-hood. To register for the work day, visit coverings.com/tilepartnersinaction. Tile Partners in Action volunteers will help rebuild flood-damaged properties in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood the day before Coverings begins.42TileLetter | 2020'