b'With an eye always oriented towards the futureMaximum flexibility, protection, safety, indoors and outdoors.COVERINGSNew OrleApril 20 - 23, 2020ansBooth4348OUTDOOR PATENTEDINDOORPATENTED003368984PRODESO MEMBRANE SYSTEMPRODESO MEMBRANE SYSTEM Uncoupling and waterproofing crack isolating membrane system. PRODESO MEMBRANE provides the ideal underlayment to install tiles and natural stone over a variety of substrates in particular lightweight and challenging substrates including plywood/OSB terraces, balconies and horizontal surfaces of any dimensions, eliminating the need of substrate expansion and compression joints before laying. PRODESO MEMBRANE can also be used as a uncoupling, waterproofing, crack isolating underlayment over an existing floor, on cement slabs with minor shrinkage cracks, not perfectly aged or with minor stress cracks.Time saving: installation time are drastically reduced. Membrane, tile installation and grouting can be completed in the same day.Versatile: it can be used on any supports, both indoor and outdoor.Waterproofing: it guarantees the laying of any floor and the waterproofing of the substrate in overlapping too, or for cracked and not perfectly cured supports with possible vapour pressure.UNCOUPLING ANDWATERPROOFING VAPOR AND MOISTUREHEATINGLOAD DISTRIBUTIONCRACK ISOLATION MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTIONNorth America HeadquarterGETITON Corporate:Progress Profiles America Inc. www.progressprofiles.cominfo@progressprofiles.com4 Middlebury Boulevard (Unit 14) ProgressProfiles SpACertified company Randolph, New Jersey 07869 U.S.A UNI EN ISO 9001:2015Tel. 973 584 2650Fax 973 584 2657ppa@progressprofiles.comwww.progressprofiles.com'