b'TECHNICAL was selected, many pieces comingcated the sky portion of the mural from samples or Callewaerts ownwith the Red Onyx. They designed supply. Materials include Red Onyxthe four corner features for the side for the sky, polished porcelain forwalls. Most of the piece will be pre-the water, matte porcelain, HirschmountedonHydroBansheeting Glass Tileinfi colors,Organicandinstalledattheshow,whereve Rugporcelain12x24infourthe fabrication demonstrations will colors,and12x24AnthracitebedonebyDragonfl yjuniorset-Stonewallporcelaintileinthreeters JT/Jonathan Kelsey and Maria shades for the fi eld tile. BlackstoneMeyer and projected via live feed International, Pewaukee, Wis., andwhileNordstromandCallewaert 21st Century Tile, Butler, Wis., sup- describe the process. NTCA train-plied some of the materials.ers will assist with installation. All pieces were labeled for their respectivesectionsandwillbeThe schedulewatch, learnmounted for shipment to Coverings.and be amazedNordstrom left with what he need- Thisseriesofsessions,called ed; the rest was shipped to him inArtisanship in Tile Installation, will Alaska.Whileonsite,theyfabri- takeplaceintheIDELounge, For an easier install, use Hydroment Vivid high performance grout Outstanding application & clean-up properties Excellent working time Very color consistent Efflorescence resistant Fiber reinforced for added durability 1/16" to 1/2" grout jointsLearn how Bostik has raised the bar once again with the highest performing cement-based grout now available!Watch the Hydroment Vivid video: http://bit.ly/VividVideoFor more information, contact us at:1-800-726-7845 I www.bostik.com/us82TileLetter | 2020'