b'Feature: MAPEI products beautify Washington hatcherymizetheimpactonthe environment,specifi cally theecosystemofPacifi c Northwest salmon. Using recycledmaterialsreduc-espotentiallydangerous additions to landfi lls, keep-ing streams clean and the salmonpopulationthriv-ing, she said.Therecycledglass usedinthepiecewas sourcedfromvendors aroundWashington. LocalglassretailersPerry StainedGlassStudio andNorthwestArtGlass donatedstainedglass.Artist Cheryl Smith is fl anked by MAPEI reps Chris PentalSurfacesdonatedAnderson (l.) and Ed Cortopassi.An array of MAPEI products, from waterproo ng to grout, were used in the project. TileLetter | 202039'