b'A uniquely-designed mosaic wall, solely constructed fromrecycledglassmosaics,currentlygraces thewallsoftheIssaquahSalmonHatcheryin Issaquah,Washington.Over100volunteers gatheredtogethertobringCherylSmiths artistic design to life using MAPEIs tile and stone installation products.A andthe WashingtonDepartmentofFish mong Wildlifeshatcheries,theIssaquah SalmonHatcheryisoneofthemostfre-quentlyvisited.Toursareregularlycon-ductedatthehatcheryconstructedin 1936duringwhichvisitorscansee salmon return home to spawn. Community educationprogramsarealsoheldatthe facility,aswellasvariousfundraising endeavors.In late 2016, MAPEI representative Chris Anderson received a call from local mosaic artistCherylSmith,whoaskedifMAPEI could provide a system that would allow tiles to be placed over salmon-holding tanks at a localhatchery.Unfortunately,MAPEIdeter-mined that without the design specifi cation for the tanks themselves, the company would not recommend installing artwork on the outside of the holding pens; therefore, MAPEI had to turn the project down.A few weeks later, Smith called again. She said that the project was still viable, that she had found a new locationinthehatcheryforhermosaicand,because MAPEI had been so helpful, she wanted the company to provide the tile system.TileLetter | 202037'