b'NTCA UNIVERSITY UPDATENTCA Women in Tile recruitment video demonstrates that the tile trade is a perfectt forBy Becky Serbin, women NTCA Education and Curriculum DirectorAs we continue to develop newConstruction(NAWIC). According recruitingmaterials,IwantedtotoConstructionDive,women talkagainaboutnewmaterialsmakeupbetween9and10%of availabletoourmemberstousetheconstructionworkforce.But recruitpeopleintotheindustry.think about the number of women And since this month is dedicatedyouactuallyseeinthefi aseld towomenintile,letsstickwithhelpers and learning or as tile set-that topic. ters. At best, Im guessing that we Youmayknowthatthereisaare hovering closer to 1% to 2% of WomeninConstructionWeekinwomenworkinginthefi witheld March each year sponsored by thetile, which means we have a lot of National Association of Women inroom to grow.Women in tile have all it takes to make it in the tile industry. NTCAs new Women in Tile recruitment video invites and encourages women to enter the trade.96 TileLetter | October 2019'