b'FEATURE: Beautifying New York City one mosaic panel at a time with LATICRETEhigh-performanceand idealforexteriorappli-cations,saidMalena PerdomoofMosaicos Venecianos De Mxico.High-traf c and extreme temperature challenges High-traffi cinstalla-tion:JustlikeNew YorkCity,theMTA stationsneversleep. Eventhoughthe company pre-mount-edandgroutedthe artworkonalumi-num panels ready for mounting to each sta-tions platform walls, theinstallationsGils work commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and rec-neededtobedonereated by Mosaicos Venecianos De Mxico is displayed quicklytominimizeprominently and permanently at its respective station.interruptiontoMTAGils work was adhered to fourteen mosaic panels with LATAPOXY 300 Adhesive, a chemical-resistant epoxy customers.adhesive. Close-up of one of Gils Avenue U station mosaic panels, featuring the Masjid Al-Iman Islamic Center to the right.34 TileLetter | October 2019'