b'INFO SPECSFileName:1 9-1835A d_New_Tileletter_July_NAACrack-IsolationS ystem Flat Size:PR: XXXXMKT: 19-1835 Finished Size: 5.5 x 8.5"1144 E. Newpor t Center Dr. Designer: Georgina Morra Email: gmorra@mapei.com Bleed: Yes Amount: .125Deer field Beach, FL 33442 Date: June 5, 2019 4:12 PM Colors: 4/0NOTE: COLORS VIEWED ON-SCREEN ARE INTENDED FOR VISUAL REFERENCE ONLY AND MAY NOT MATCH THE FINAL PRINTED PRODUCT.No callbackswith our crack-isolation system6543211 Concrete2 NA 500Floor Patch3 NA 1510Membrane Primer4 NA 1550Crack-Isolation Membrane5 NA 3785Magna FlexPromortar6 NA 4800Ever ColorMPG groutThere is nothing like the feeling of new home ownership and theres nothing like the feeling when a new homeowner calls you back to \x1fx a cracking \x1eoor. Avoid callbacks with a premium crack-isolation system from North American Adhesives (NAA). This all-in-one system is composed of a rapid-setting patch, a roller-applied primer, a conveniently \x1eexible and lightweight crack-isolation membrane, a creamy nonsag/nonslump mortar and a premium fast-setting grout. This system helps ensure that the only feelings associated with your projects will be happy ones and the only calls will be for new jobs. Call us or visit our Website for more details.Customer Service 1144 E. Newport Center Drivewww.na-adhesives.com Phone: 1-800-747-2722 Deer\x1feld Beach, FL33442 19-1835 Ad_New_Tileletter_July_NAA Crack-Isolation System.indd 1 6/5/19 4:13 PM'