b'ADVERTORIAL water keeps the utility bills down toamountofwaterusedonatypical manageable levels, and frees up thetile-installation job, because so many water for other important uses. factors come into play. Water is need-Weveallturnedoffthewateredforgeneralcleanup,themixing whilebrushingourteeth,fixedtheofsettingmaterials,andequipment leakytoilets,abidedbyourtownson site that needs water to function, lawn watering restrictions, but whati.e. tile saws. Wet saws are the most can be done at the jobsite to con- popularwaytocuttile.But,and servethisall-too-importantnaturalheres the big questionhow green resource?are they? Thereislittletonodocument- Theamountofwaterusedwith eddataaccessibleontheaveragewet saws has not been scientifically documented;itgreatlydependson the brand and size of the saw, type and size of material being cut, expe-rience of the contractor, size of the jobandmuchmore.But,perhaps there are options.No water and no dust makes for averygreensaw,statedArlene Aguilera,ProductDevelopment Project Manager at iQ Power Tools, whenaskedaboutthecompanys iQTS244, the worlds first dry-cut tile saw with integrated dust control. Notonlyarecontractorsconserv-iQ Dry Saw in action. ing water by not needing it to cut at all; they are saving time and money with each and every cut. In addition, theyareprotectingthemselvesand theircrewsfromtheexposureto silica in the slurry mist, continued Aguilera.Tosetupawettilesaw with a containment area takes about 15-20 minutes longer than with the iQTS244.Nowfactorinajobsite where you might have to go outside to cut, especially in the winter; you aretalkingaboutmorethanjusta few man-hours wasted dealing with Sarah Hurtado with saw. frozen water pumps and materials.92TileLetter | October 2019'