b'WOMEN IN TILE 2019 Cronin Kozey Huffsticklerrepresentatives for tile-related sup-Humility,pliers. This month, we take a look homework,at three extraordinary women in our industry and explore how they have determination,carvedoutanichefortheirown andcareers and contributed to the good of the industry as a whole: Shannon documentationHuffstickler, Schluter Systems; Heidi Cronin,CTEF;andJanetKozey, lead to successStuart Tile Company.for women inShannon Huffsticklerthe industry The Tile Girl/Schluter SystemsShannon Huffstickler has made a By Lesley Goddin, Editor name for herself in the tile industry overthelast20years,fromher daysofdoinghands-onlaborfor According to a March 2019 storyher dads tile installation business, onConstructionDive(https://bit. toherworkasTerritoryManager ly/2HhWLkN),womencompriseforSchluterafter13yearsofrun-approximately9.9%ofconstruc- ningTheTileGirlbusiness,toa tion jobs, including administrative,recent upgrade as Schluter Liaison office and executive positions, buttotheSocialMediaCommunity, only3.4%ofconstructionfieldgrounded in her love of being part positions. Women are on the rise asof online communities and helping constructionmanagerswithnum- people in any way she can. bers growing from 5.9% in 2003 toWorking for her dad, she discov-7.7% in 2018.ered her enthusiasm for being on a Inourtileindustry,womenarejobsite, where both my head and seen at every level, from adminis- myhandscouldbefullyengaged trators and owners to tile setters andand challenged. In 2012, she was 42TileLetter | October 2019'