b'WOMEN IN TILE 2019initially reluctant to walk away fromquick to respond to anyones doubt her business and make the leap fromin my abilities in any way other than tile setting to being a rep when hertoletmyworkormyknowledge beloved Schluter rep Dan Wagnerprove itself valuable. I just show up, let her know about an opportunity.do good work and let those in the For Huffstickler, it was an opportu- peanut gallery sort themselves out. nity that just felt like the right thingSomepreconceptionsaboutkeep-todofortherightreasons.Hering a neater jobsite or being a more reppositionandherterritorysympatheticlistenerasawoman changed this past spring to Liaisondid work in her favor as a tile setter. totheSocialMediaCommunity,And at Schluter, the perception that whereshemeetsthedemandforHuffsticklerwillbehelpfuland fast, reliable access through socialnurturing makes it easier for cus-media to information about Schlutertomersespecially mento reach products. Now her territory encom-passes the internet and face-to-face meetings with customers.A raft of skills and talents set the stageforhercareerpathLate nights on the John Bridge Forum, reading hand-me-down TileLetters,tripstotheclassesavailableat Coverings,beingmentoredbya successful builder-friend about timeHuffsticklers territory encompasses the management,knowingmyvalue/ internet and face-to-face meetings with pricing and scheduling, and goodcustomers.old-fashioned,on-the-jobtraining with my dad and uncle, she said. Having a degree in English/writing also has come in handy to con-vey technical knowledge in a way thatsunderstandabletopeople from any background or skill/expe-rience level. Huffstickler credits her work ethic withhersuccess.BecauseIve always worked hard and done my homework, its been relatively easy to dispel anyones questioning of my credibility, she said. I never had aThe opportunity to leave her tile setting business and join Schluter felt like the chiponmyshoulderorwastooright thing to do for the right reasons.44 TileLetter | October 2019'