b'With an eye always oriented towards the futureComplete TransparencyUnobstructed visibility for a perfect installation.No tools required PATENTEDUse only 1 piece for tile intersectionCompletely visible jointPATENTEDU.S. 8,635,815;U.S. 9,328,522;Patents PendingPROLEVELING SYSTEMPROLEVELINGSYSTEMisarevolutionaryandinnovative tile leveling system that make tile installation faster, easier and more accurate. PROLEVELING SYSTEM uses only two elements a leveler and a reusable universal rotating cap. The system is available in 3 shapes: Cross, T and Linear and in the following grout joint sizes, 1/16 3/32 1/8 and 3/16 . PROLEVELING SYSTEM can be used on floor and wall tile installation with material thickness rangingbetween 1/8 and 1 . Linear levelers will be produced in a light blue color for dierentiation on the job site while T and Crosses will still be manufactured in white color. The newLaying Turn Removereusable universal rotating cap in transparent polyethylene uses a unique design that allows to visually check if tiles and joints are perfectly aligned and uniform. Other parts of the system are:PROTECTION CAP: to protect the surface of floors as marbles, naturalstonesandpolishedporcelaintilesfrompossible scratches due to thin set residue on the reusable universal rotating cap.REMOVER: Drill attachment to remove broken levelers from the reusable universal rotating cap after installation. Protection cap RemoverNorth America HeadquarterGET IT ON Corporate:www.progressprofiles.comProgress Profiles America Inc. info@progressprofiles.comProgressProfiles SpA4 Middlebury Boulevard (Unit 14) Certified company Randolph, New Jersey 07869 U.S.A UNI EN ISO 9001:2015Tel. 973 584 2650Fax 973 584 2657 MADEI YITALNppa@progressprofiles.comwww.progressprofiles.com'