b'TECH TALK the most suitable product for your application. Protect from excessive drying due to air movement. Use of fans or other direct air fl ow is not recommended, as the surface can be prema-turely dried, leading to a weak underlayment.7.Protectyour u n d e r l a y m e n t :Generally,underlay-mentsarenotfi nal wearsurfaces.They shouldbeprotected from construction trade traffi cuntilfi nalfl oor coveringisapplied. Traffi c without protec-tion can lead to crack-inganddisbonding. Donotallowheavy or sharp metal objectsTEC Level Set 200 is walkable in 3-4 hours, making it a to be dragged directlygreat choice for fast turnaround jobs.across the surface.Acommontheme connectstheserec-ommendations:noting andadheringtothe manufacturers instruc-tions.Youmustread labelsandproduct data sheets carefully to ensureproductsper-form as desired. If you do have questions, you canalwaysreachout totheproductmanu- TEC Level Set 200 delivers extended 25-35 minute work-facturer. ing time without compromising fl ooring installation time.Emily Brunner is an Area Technical Specialist for H.B. Fuller Construction Products covering the southern United States. Brunner works with appli-cation techniques training and troubleshooting for surface preparation, tile setting, and fl ooring adhesives.80 TileLetter | October 2019'