b'CUT TILE DRY LOSE THE WATER.INSIDE FORGET THE MESS. SAVE THE TIME. SAVE THE MONEY.The iQTS244 is a 10 dry cut tile saw for professional contractors, designed to eliminate problems with cutting wet, save signicant time, and increase protabilitywe are able to make cuts without broadcasting dust, or slopping slurry, inside the house were remodeling! - Rich T., Seattle24 RIP CUT1 DEPTH OF CUT11 lbs DUST CAPACITY10 Q-DRIVE BLADE iQ Power Toolsthe solution to your dust and slurry problem. Cut the hose and forget the water.888-274-7744 iQPOWERTOOLS.COMTILELETTER AD_062019.indd 1 6/20/19 9:28 AM'