b'Contains ProprTenirexietary Technology3 INSTALL THINPORCELAINTILE PANELS IN 3 EASYSTEPS!*1 Apply adhesive to the panel only2 Prepare the wall surface3 Install the panelUse this link to view a Bosti-Set case study: http://bit.ly/Bosti-Set_Intro ADVANTAGES TO THE CONTRACTORCuts installation time nearly in half Exceptional instant grabTrowel onto panel only, no combing on wallsLess waste than mortar 80% less weight than mortar to stage Easy adhesive clean up with a dryDust-free prior to cure cloth, even after the cure No equipment, cords or hoses for mixingInstall over clean tile with no primer Longer working timeAdheres to a wide range of substrates Safer installation method at heightsAdjustable for up to 30 minutesFor more information, contact us at:1-800-726-7845 I www.bostik.com/us* Refer to the technical data sheet for complete installation instructions. T3117_08.11.17'