b'EDITORS LETTERLesley A. GoddinDefi ne success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life youre proud to live.Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks. Welcome to the October issue ofCompanysJanetKozey.Womens TileLetter! This is the month we cel- workisstellar,asyoucanseein ebrate women in tile.the project gallery in our Hot Topics Why do we do this, you ask? Well,section,withinstallsbyChanel itsoftensaidthatconstructionisCarrizosa, Rachel Cahalan and Jaime a mans world and in fact, womenMartin.Womenareintentoncre-comprise only 9.9% of the 8.3 mil- dentialing skills, as youll read in our lionpeopleinconstruction(butTraining and Education story about thats still thats 821,700 women!).Carrizosas CTI exam in 2017. And Yet,accordingtoanarticleinwealsoprofi leawoman-owned BigRentz(www.bigrentz.com/blog/ company in our Member Spotlightwomen-construction),theresbeenFischer Tile & Marble in Sacramento 94% growth in female owners fromrun by Taryn Fischer. 2007to2018,and9%offemale- Exploringthesestoriesalsoisarms ownedfi achievedrevenuesoftestament to the tremendous support more than $500,000 in 2018. Whatsofferedbythoseinthisindustry more, 4% of new construction fi rmsbothwomen ANDmen. Whileits were launched by women last year,true that some women have had to and 44% of the top 100 contractingdealwithgender-relatedhurdles, companieshavewomeninexecu- weve also had support from many tive roles.industry sectors and won the respect So women form an important partof colleagues and customers. oftheconstructionindustries.WeSo enjoy this issue, and if you hap-see womens role in our industry aspen to know a woman whos doing well. And growing efforts are beingamazingworkormakinginroads madetorecruitmorewomenintoin our industry, email me with her our industry as the NTCA Universityinformation.Itsnevertooearlyto UpdatestoryaboutanewNTCAstart working on the 2020 Women in recruitment video illustrates. AlreadyTile issue of Tileletter.we are in prominent positions, as is evidenced in the Women in Tile storyGod bless,that explores the careers of Schluter SystemsShannonHuffstickler,LesleyCTEFs Heidi Cronin and Stuart Tilelesley@tile-assn.com16 TileLetter | October 2019'