b'FEATURE: Beautifying New York City one mosaic panel at a time with LATICRETE Extremetemperatures:NewYorkshecreatedreflectsthesurround-CitycanrangeintemperaturesingGravesendneighborhood.For from-15degreesFahrenheit(-26the 86th Street station, artist Karen Celsius) to upwards of 106 degreesMargoliscreatedCerebration,a Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius), soglassmosaicartworkthatsimilar-it was important that the installationlyconnectspeopleandplaceby products chosen would be able totranscribing destinations of the sur-thrive in extreme climates to resistrounding area into the mosaic work. fracturesandpossible humidity issues.A LATICRETE solution ArtistsKarenMargolis andSallyGilfocused theirartworkonpieces that reflect the local land-scape. At the Avenue U station,artistSallyGils workwasrecreatedin aseriesof14mosaic panelstitledEdgesof aSouthBrooklynSky.A commuter passes by Ore-Girons work at Bay Parkway Eachofthepiecesstation in Brooklyn. Ore-Girons expansive mosaic project, Peoples Instinctive Travels: Homage to The Tribe, visualizes the world as abstract forms and shapes and their interplay as a reflec-tion of the ways in which people of different communities interact.36TileLetter | October 2019'