b'INFO SPECSFile Name: 20-1200 Ad - Tileletter_TRENDS issue - Keraflex Super Page Size: 16" x 10"PR#: XXXXJob#: 20-1200 Number of Pages: 11144 E. Newpor t Center Dr. Artist: Georgina Morra Email: gmorra@mapei.com Bleed: Yes Amount: .125"Deer field Beach, FL 33442 Date: January 21, 2020 12:00 PM Colors: CMYK Process, 4/0NOTE: COLORS VIEWED ON-SCREEN ARE INTENDED FOR VISUAL REFERENCE ONLY AND MAY NOT MATCH THE FINAL PRINTED PRODUCT.KerafLex Super has landedLarge and heavy tiles have met their match with Keraflex Super premium smooth mortar. With just one application, youll see how it can be your hero, dedicated to protecting your installation.The superpowers ofKeraflex Super include:High transfer: Amazing transfer of mortar to tile backs while keeping tremendous non-sag/nonslump properties.Endurance: Unbelievable resistance to freeze/thaw conditions, water and frost.Strength: Incredible adhesion to the substrate and tile.Speed: Lightning-fast mixing and troweling, thanks to an extra creamy consistency.For details onKeraflex Super, visit www.mapei.com.us.MAPEI USA20-1200 Ad - Tileletter_TRENDS issue - Keraflex Super.indd 1 1/21/20 12:00 PM'