b'A&D FOCUS (continued) TotalkwithAllisonEdenistogetsweptupinhowcommunitycenterandschool.Herdedicationtoher much she is in love with what she doescreating customwork is such that she wound up flying for 72 hours on designs for a wide range of applications, from residencesfive flights to lend some direction to the initial hospital to retail, hotels to hospitals, to community centers to res- installationafterthetilecontractorwasmauledbya taurants and everything in between. Her custom designspolar bear. havebeenfeaturedinArchitecturalDigest,Interior DesignMagazine,ArchitecturalRecord,MetropolitanCaptivated by colorHome, New York Cottages and Gardens, and Elle DcorEden got her start at the Fashion Institute of Technology and grace the homes of such celebrities as Elton John andin the 1990s, graduated with a BFA and went to work Kris Kardashian. Her passion is palpable, and by the timedesigning a womens line for Nautica in New York City. youre done conversing with her, you are sold on how herCaptivated by some colorful sheet glass displayed in the colorful designs help make the world a better place.windowofastoreinGreenwichVillageoneday,she bought some, took it home and experimented with it on a wall. Then she broke it with a hammer, glued it with Elmers to a piece of cardboard, and brought it to the tile store that was just opening up across the street from her apartment. They loved it.Eden got started in glass mosaic making when she was captivated by colorful sheet glass in a Greenwich Village store window. Case in point: Eden was commissioned to bring a pop of color to a hospital inBarrow,Alaska,to fight the high suicide rate.Barrowthe subjectofthe2012 movieBigMiracleis the northernmost cityintheUnited States,andhas67 daysofdarknessin thewinter.Afterthe hospital,herwork enlivenedahotel, Edenwascom-missionedtofill a new hospital inAll of Edens designs are hand-cut, using nippers and pencil cutters: no Barrow, Alaska waterjet or power tools.whichgets67 days of darknessShe opened up a studio, and started growing a business, inthewinterputting ads in the Yellow Pages in every single category withcolorful glassmuralstointo which she thought she might fit: architect, interior helpcombatadesigner, fashion, designer, contractor. It worked: she got a highlocalsui- call in 1995 to tile a Burger King floor in three weeks. cide rate. 822020|TRENDS'