b'A&D FOCUS (continued) Inspiration is everywhereHow does Eden come up with her designs? Party she isinfluencedbyherinteriordesignermom,theglitter and glamour of the 70s and 80s and all the over-the-top styles of that age. Its shaped how I designbig, bold, she said.Other inspirations come from her travels or simply from walking about the very vital city that New York is. You find the beauty of other places and the beauty of your home, she said, recording her inspirations in a book she carries with her everywhere. She also grooves on fashion and textiles, spending time in fabric stores and attending shows during fashion week. Her very first collection was filled with things she loves: lips,palmtrees,unicorns,rainbowsandlipgloss.My husband Gary said, Why cant you make anything sale-able? she said. I will sell more of this than anything. Your home needs to be positive. People want to live in a place that is happy.Edensaysherworkisallaboutcolor,talkingabout the popularity of the Moroccan tile and all the color it embodies.Peoplewantdifferent!shesaid.People maytellmethatsnottrue,butwehaveneverbeen busier with custom projects.The trend to social media is a key driver for her busi-ness too. People want a feature wall so they can take pictures in their home with their fabulous lifestyles andEdenstileandinteriordesignshaveinspiredalineoffabricsby their fabulous walls, she said. And restaurants are doingLebaTex. that nowcreating something unique and wild so their clients can be wowed. It sets them apart from others.Quality products, quality installationEden is keen on U.S.made materials for her designs, often from family-run glassmaking businesses. I collect a lot of old glass and use that in my designs, she said. When a factory closes, I try to buy all the glass. She lamentedaboutthecheapeningofproductsandthe growing propensity to buy cheap, low-quality products, often shipped from China.If we could be like we used to, we could be an industry that is self-sufficient, she said. I keep a really high-end business. I take such pride in every single piece I make; it has to be perfect. AlthoughsheobservedthattheArtTileVillageat Coverings has gotten smaller over the years, she makes it a point to be there to see her clients and stores (shes represented in over 400 outlets around the world), and you can find her in New Orleans this year at booth 4107.Edens first tile collection was filled with things she loves, including unicorns and rainbows. People want to live in a place thats happy, We get wonderful support from our tile stores, she said.she said. 842020|TRENDS'