b'FEATURE STORY (continued) use of fabric in the fi eld, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN ismaterialsweresourcedfromLATICRETEsU.S.plants a single component, self-curing liquid rubber polymer thatalong the East Coast. forms a fl exible, seamless waterproofi ng membrane thatWithsomuchti leandstonetoinstall,LATICRETEs bonds to a wide variety of substrates including copper,soundmatandadhesivesweretherightchoice,said steel, stainless steel and PVC plumbing fi xtures.Graeme Moran, CCA Project Manager. The workability of HYDRO BAN is the right product for installing water- 252 Silver and 253 Gold eased the constructi on process proofi ng under the SurePods prefabricated bathrooms,and let us stay on schedule.said Hoerning. CCAs contractors were able to prep theFinally, CCA needed a grout system that could hold up areasforinstallati oninundertenminutes.Whenyouto high traffic and the Caribbean weather. To achieve this, think about it, this is truly amazing. An enti re room in lessCCA chose a host of LATICRETE grouts to suit the projects ti me than it takes to read a LATICRETE Project Spotlight.specifi c needs throughout various areas of the resort.HYDROBANwasalsousedtowaterproofthemas-sivewaterfeaturethatissituatedattheentranceofLATICRETE partnership the resort. To adhere the ti les to the water feature, 254resulted in project successPlati num in white was selected for its superior strength.Withaprojectofthisscale,weneededagood In consultati on with CCA, LATICRETE designed a systempartner and found it in LATICRETE, said Dagen Li, CCA toreduceandeliminatesoundthroughoutthehotelsProcurement Manager. LATICRETE helped us refi ne the many fl oors of ti le, which included the use of 170 Sounddesign of the project even aft er constructi on commenced. &CrackIsolati onMat,ahigh-performanceacousti calFurthermore, they were able to provide the products that underlayment. The 3 millimeter (.11 inch) thick rubber- met the demanding needs and the specifi c requirements ized membrane was installed with 252 Silver, a polymer- of this unprecedented project.modifi ed,bagged,cementi ti ousthin-setpowderthatSince the Baha Mar Hotel and Casino opened its doors, ismixedwithwater.Theti leswereinstalledovertheTravel + Leisure, Cond Nast Traveler and Luxury Travel underlayment system using 253 Gold, a polymer-forti fi edAdvisor have recognized the as one of the best in the thinsetthatwasreadytogowithintwohours.TheseBahamas.At a high-end resort and spa, serenity is the expectati on as guests from all over the world pay top-dollar to experience the quiet, relaxing environment.262020|TRENDS'