b'FEATURE STORY (continued) LATICRETE products speed the installati on of 2,200 bathroomsWiththousandsofbathroomstobebuiltacrossthe resort, CCA decided to outsource the work to SurePods TM . SurePods is the leading provider of factory-built prefab-ricated bathroom pods in North America. They support commercial projects in the hospitality, multi -family apart-ments, dormitories, and assisted living markets. All 2,200 bathrooms were prefabricated using 254 Plati num thin-set mortar and grouted with SPECTRALOCK PRO Grout at their worksite and then shipped to the Bahamas. The epoxy-based grout off ers superb color uniformity, dura-bility and stain resistance that will stand the test of ti me. Additi onally,thegroutiscrackresistantandidealfor installati on in areas with a wide range in temperatures, perfect for outdoors. For maximum efficiency, each bathroom was installed as a unit. While this sped up the process, the team encoun-tered the unique challenge of having to waterproof the thousands of prefabricated bathrooms that were shipped from the SurePods faciliti es in the U.S. to the island. CCA used HYDRO BAN, a thin, load-bearing waterproof- To adhere the ti les to the water feature, 254 Plati num in white was ing and anti -fracture membrane that does not require theselected for its superior strength.With 2,200 bathrooms to be built across the resort, CCA decided to outsource the work to SurePods, a leading provider of factory-built bathroom pods in North America, headquartered in Orlando, Fla.242020|TRENDS'