b'T yearwetakeadeparturefromastraight his color story to explore the 2020 Houzz Kitchen TrendsStudy*.Yes,ti andstoneareusedinmorele areas of the home than kitchens, but kitchens are a key space for ti le, and trends in kitchens will help shape the directi on of ti le style for the next year. Large islandsconti nuetobeaprominentfeature inrenovatedkitchens,accordingtothe2020Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. The survey of nearly 2,600 U.S. homeownersusingHouzzwhoareinthemidstof, are planning, or recently completed a kitchen project, found that nearly two-thirds of renovated kitchens fea-ture an island (61%). One third of homeowners add an island during renovati ons (33%), while nearly a quarter upgradeanexisti ngisland(22%).Islandsaresizable features in kitchens, with a third measuring more than seven feet long (32%) and another 39% six to seven feet long. In additi on to their substanti al physical presence, islands are a hub of acti vity from dining (58%) to enter-taining (49%) to socializing (45%).This is an important detail for ti le sett ers, since install-ing ti le around a kitchen island takes planning and layout savvy. Its fortunate then, that NTCA is off ering a new workshop topic in its 2020 nati onal road showsThe Ins and Outs of Layout. In the March issue of TileLett er, Becky Serbin, NTCAs Educati on and Curriculum director, explained that islands will be addressed specifi cally in this new workshop. We will have a mockup of a room, andcontractorswilldoalayoutwithfoamblocksto simulate a kitchen island, to help them fi gure out how to install around it, Serbin said. TRENDS|2020 11'