b'TILE FASHIONS FROM ITALY (continued) FloraDesigners know that a touch of green-ery can add comfort or whimsy to any space - not to mention the psychologi-cal benefits of biophilia. This years tile collections offer a range of floral options, from hyper-realistic green walls to playful palm prints.Clockwise from left: Colli di Sassuolo Extra; Florim I Filati di Rex; Francesco de Maio Verde Verticale.Terracotta and SageItalians do not shy away from color, which was obvious at this years show. Similar to Salone last spring, a warm color palette saturated the show floorbut sage and terracotta were the most popular hues, both separately and occa-sionally paired together.Clockwise from left: ABK Wide & Style; SantAgostino SPRING; Decoratori Bassanesi Rocket.PsychedelicThey say everything old is new again, and the same is true for tile! Radical ref-erences to the 1960s and 70s were plenti-ful, with psychedelic colors, playful geom-etries and trippy patterns galore. Clockwise from top left: Tonino Lamborghini Tiles & Style Interlagos; Imola Ceramica Let It Bee; Ce.Vi. Ceramica Vietrese Oro di Napoli.882020|TRENDS'