b'With an eye always oriented towards the futureThe innovative system The innovative systemfor the shower. COVERINGSNew Orleansfor the shower. April 20-23, 2020 Booth 4348PROSHOWER SYSTEMPROSHOWER TOP PROSHOWER LINEARPROSHOWER LINEAR DRAINPROSHOWER CENTRALPROSHOWER DRAIN PROSHOWER DRAINDRAIN BASE BASE POLYPROPYLENE DRAIN BASE LATERAL VERTICALPROFOIL PROSHOWERPROSHOWER PROSHOWER PROSHOWER PROLISTEL PROFILE GLASS PROFILE PROFILE WALL PROFILE FRONT CHANNELPROSHOWER SYSTEM is an innovative solution, which combines flexibility, functionality and design to answer to all requirements of the floor-level shower. Heart of the system is the PROSHOWER drain, that in only 85 mm at floor-level has multiple advantages. Flow: it is one of the few drains on the market with a 360 rotating siphon with patented watertightness junction which guarantees a 30 lt/min flow. Hygiene: the system has an inside slope for the outflow of the water towards the drain to avoid unpleasant smells; the siphon is easy to open and clean. Durability: it is the only drain treated with electro-polishing and passivation that guarantee an exceptional resistance in all environments (over 2000 hours test in saline mist). Modularity: it is the only modular drain; the drains can be assembled in sequence till the desired length. The use of the drain together with the profiles of the Proshower Profile range, the waterproofing Profoil System and the shower tray Proshower Panel guarantees the realization of a workmanlike floor-level shower.North America HeadquarterGET IT ON Corporate:Progress Profiles America Inc. www.progressprofiles.cominfo@progressprofiles.com4 Middlebury Boulevard (Unit 14) ProgressProfiles SpACertified company Randolph, New Jersey 07869 U.S.A UNI EN ISO 9001:2015Tel. 973 584 2650Fax 973 584 2657ppa@progressprofiles.comwww.progressprofiles.com'