b'Tile ProductsFollowing is a sampling of products exemplifying current trends in terms of format, texture, aestheti cs, fi nish and color. Those suppliers exhibiti ng at Coverings are listed with their booth numbers.MADE AMERICAMADE IN INAMERICAAllison Eden StudiosBooth 4107 and beige in large format sizes for theAnka CeramicAllisonEdenfl oor, as well as 4 x 12 and 6 x 18In 2007, Anka Ceramic realized itsIInnssttaallllYYoouur S FFaasstt,,Eaasyy&&RRiigghhttShhoowweerrStudiosisanartfor wall. The series is complementedDream of Soil: in modern faciliti es houseforallcus- bya1-1/2x1-1/2hexmosaic.inEskiehirift eler,thecompany tomglassmosa- www.americanolean.com addsartandcolortothesoilthat ics. Specializing inis kneaded with water, and embroi-original handcraft - American Wonder Porcelain deredwithfi re.Eachti ledisplays edone-of-a-kindBooth 4724 theANKACERAMIClogoontheA unique t A stay-in plastic form designedA stay-in place screeding guide system that eeding guide A unique tool that crool thaeates the prt creaoper sub floor tes theA stay-in plastic form designed to eliminate theA stay-in place scrpieces, Allison has created her signa- AmericanWonderPorcelainback.TheTurkishcompanygrowsprslope needed underneath the pan liner topossibility of any nails puncturing the liner on theguarantees a pr t guarantees ay oper sub \x1foor slope neededto eliminate the possibility ofsystem thaoperly pitched shower floor evermanipulate the water towar any nails puncturing the linerpropertime rly pitegardless of size and shape. ture style of wild patt erns, bold col- isexcitedtolaunchthebeauti fulannuallybymanufacturingfl oor,underneath the pan liner tds the weep holes that otop or inside walls of shower curbs. ched shower \x1foor manipula e the water towains.ardson the top or inside walls ofevery time regardless of size are an integrtal part of shower floor drors,andalmost-impossiblecutsbynew Carenza TMPorcelain series. Thiswallandglazedporcelainfrom30the weep holes that are anshower curbs. and shape.hand, and has taken the most ancientseries captures the elegant beauty ofx 60 cm (12 x 24) to 60 x 120 cmWofYYoouurrCChhooiicceeWaatteerrpprroooof\x1fingart known to man and transformed itclassic marble, with a modern twist:(24 x 48) in modern faciliti es with the into a modern-day art. Allison Edenslarge format sizes and plank sizes in alatesttechnology.Additi onalinvest- String-A-Levelsignatureartcanbeseeninbothclassic white/gray combinati on and aments have enabled annual produc-commercialandresidenti alprojectswarm white/gold tones combinati on. ti onof14millionsquaremeters, throughouttheworld.ThestudioThereturntoglamour,shineandto buyers in 55 countries. Shown is openedin1995inNYCandsinceopulence can be seen in this series.KlasikCarrarain24x28format. has become one of the most sought- www.wonderporcelain.com www.ankaseramik.com.tr/enaft erglassarthousesintheworld. www.allisoneden.com Simultaneously attttach and ach and Simultaneously alevel a continuous stringer on which to sto stack heaack heavy or large vy or large which tAmerican OleanBooth 3523 format tile verticallyformat tile verticallyRochester is glazed porcelain off er-ing the beauti ful visual of two pop- Anatolia Tile + StoneBooth 4200ularnaturalstones,limestoneandLa Marca by Anatolia features the pulpis marble. The look of limestoneworldsmostdesiredmarbles,exe-provides the back drop with its soft cuted in porcelain. Utt erly luxurious sand-likemovementandthepul- in design and premium in quality, La pismarbledesignprovidesbeauti - Marca off ers an authenti c and sophis-ful, fi ne veining. The beauty of thisti cated marble aestheti c inspired byANN SACKSnaturalstone-inspiredcollecti onisthe worlds richest quarries. With aProvenalispartoftheMADEby enhancedbychiselededges,creat- superior range of available formats,ANN SACKS series of ti les handcraft ed inganevenmoreauthenti clook.La Marca is perfect for both commer- bythearti sansatitsPortland,Ore. Thisnewcollecti onfeaturesthreecial and residenti al design initi ati ves.facility. In true Provenal style, these versati le color choices in white, graywww.anatoliati le.com new designs refl ect the renowned clas-Simultaneously aously attach and sic simplicity of form and bold palett eSimultaneinspired by the famed South of Francelevel a continuous stringer level a continuous stringer andMediterraneanrelaxedlifestyleson which to andbrilliant-huedlandscapes.ANNstack heavy or lary or large ge stack heavformat tile vererticallyticallySACKS skilled arti sts apply ti format tile v me-hon-ored techniques in the MADE designs fromusinglocalclayasitsmedium to the proprietary ANN SACKS glazes createdtopoolandbreakoverthe surface. The result is a ti le that reso-502020|TRENDS'