b'A&D FOCUS (continued) Noproblem!shesaid.Youvecometotheright place. She bought a video on how to tile a floor, then showed up in the middle of winter at the job site to cre-ate a Brazilian Wave mosaic on the floor, in 20-degree weather,whileitwasrainingandsnowinginside.She hired installation help, got it done on time, and invoiced her client with a form she bought at Staples. Shecontinuedpoundingthepavement,carrying Polaroid photos of her fabulous new product to com-panies in the Garment Center she knew, asking if anyone was looking to renovate or redecorate.I got one job after another, she said. I learned a lot on every project. Eventually she moved to a studio acrossfromMacysuntiltherentskyrocketedfrom $6,000/monthto$30,000/month.Edenandherhus-band, who manages her studio, were able to get help fromthecityasartistsandmanufacturerswhowere keeping jobs in New York, and moved their operation to Brooklyn, employing 14 people to cut and assemble the pieces. Speaking of which, all of Edens designs are hand-cut, using nippers and pencil cutters: no waterjet or power tools. She crafts painterly details of shadows and high-lights, all hand-cut and then assembled with plastic front mounting.Ineedtoseeeverything!shesaid.You peel the plastic off like tape. It lets you be sure the joints match up perfectly.Shoes at BloomiesBloomingdales department store sought Eden out to create permanent glass mosaic sculptures for the store: a perfume bottle that towers nine to ten feet tall in the entryway and a monster shoe for the shoe department. MyshoegetsmorehitsonInstagramthananything else in the store, she said. While she was there, she was approached by LebaTex to develop a line of Pop Art fab-rics based on her tile designs. SheaskedtheBloomiesCEOtotakeameetingto discuss her textile ideas. I went in with the fabric pil-lows and clothing and decorated the entire room with how I wanted the Allison Eden Department to look, she explained. We had a huge pop-up event and sold out of everything. Then they asked me to make a shoe and handbag to match the mosaic shoe. If you dont ask, you dont receive. Maybe someone will believe and see your vision! Bloomies has continued to support Eden, featur-ing her designs in their famed windows. Mosaics speak for themselves, she said. They are bright, happy andEdens permanent sculptural mosaics at Bloomingdales Manhattan different. I love being in the tile business! flagship store.TRENDS|202083'