b'SALES PULSECustomers clamor for color, size and marble looksBy Lesley Goddin, EditorNE/SE/MW: Arley WholesaleWe start with Arley Wholesale, headquar-tered in Scranton, Pa., with a broad territory As trends heat up in the beginningthat covers northeast states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusett s, Rhode of 2020, we take a look at whatsIsland, Connecti cut, New York, New Jersey, selling in diff erent regions of thePennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland; Midwest country. statesof,Michigan,Indiana,Ohio;and southeast states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee,Virginia,NorthCarolina,South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Scott Levy,presidentofArley,saidthat beigeandcolorbotharebecomingmore importantinthemarket,withcustomers cherrypickingfromproductlinestocre-ate more eclecti c and unique installati ons thaninyearspast.Marbleissti llpopular but stone looks that use digital technology and glazes to heighten authenti c looks are really the main directi on now. And though traditi onal formats are the big sellers, larger formats are gaining importance.Whenitcomestoinstallati onproducts andcontractorhabits,Levyobservedthat installers are migrati ng to the bett er prod-ucts. Premixed grouts simplify and expedite installati on by eliminati ng issues that come with mixing with water such as component rati o and temperature. They also allow an installer to do larger areas with a guarantee of color matching, he said. The larger for-matti lesnecessitateusingbett ermortars At Arley, beige and color areandinstallershaveresponded.Theslight takingprominenceinthecost upgrade is negated by the quality and market. Shown is the Qualisspeed of the job with no callbacks.Palace Ceramica series.302020|TRENDS'