b'A&D FOCUS (continued) From pop art to classic figures to celebrities and abstract designs, She can create anything, said NTCA Five-Star Contractor Elizabeth Lambert. Though Eden once did her own installation, she lets thethe pieces so they interlock the way she designed it. pros handle that now. You need a good installer to doShe sends a bunch of extra pieces, and whenever we tile, she said. [NTCA member] Rod Katwyk did one ofcall she is on the phone in seconds. She is very acces-my installations years ago and visits me at Coverings. Andsible. And she understands the need for qualified labor LATICRETE has been very good to us.to install. The last thing she wants is a failure with her Elizabeth Lambert of Lambert Tile & Stone, an NTCAname on it.Five-Star Contractor in Colorado, installed Edens mosa- She is a total artist, Lambert continued. There are ics years ago, and found them very easy to work with.not that many vendors in the U.S. that do work like that. We follow the instructions, she said. You give herIts unique and delicate. She can create anythingsend the exact dimensions of the space and she numbers allher images and shell find a way to make it happen.TRENDS|202085'