b'TECHNICALHeating up the houseManufacturers offer advice for successful floor warming installationsBy Lesley Goddin, EditorElectricunderfloorheatingsys-tems have come a long way since theolddays.Theyoffercomfort underfoot,easeofinstallation, andsmartcontrolsthatcanbe programmedorcanlearnacon-sumerspatternofuse,deliver-ing toasty warm floors when users arrive home.Andfortunately,ceramicand porcelain tile are excellent choic-esforradiantheatedflooring, saidThomasUtley,Technical SpecialistFLEXBONEHEAT/ARDEX Tile and Stone Installation Systems. They have high thermal conductivity and retain heat bet-terthanotherflooringchoices. The thickness of the tile has little impact on the heat output but the heatingtimeisincreasedwith thicker tiles.Butlikeanyproduct,thereare things to keep in mind for a suc-cessfulelectricfloorwarming installation. We surveyed a few of the top electric floor warming man-86TileLetter | March 2020'