b'TRAINING & EDUCATIONEvaluator boot camp focuses on making CTI exams more accessibleBy Lesley Goddin, EditorIfyoureadourTraining& EducationfeaturebyCTEFsScott Carothersonpage66ofour February issue, you learned about theeffortsafootbytheCeramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF), supportedbyTheNationalTile Contractors Association (NTCA), to bringmoreCertified TileInstaller (CTI)examstocontractorsacross the country. Carothersexplainedthebegin-ningoftheprogramin2008has led to the current stable of 1,600 CTIs. CTEF has been churning out about 150 CTIs a year but theres anoutcryfromtheindustryfor moreopportunitiestobetested, andformorecontractorstohave the opportunity to become CTIs. In 2020, theres a goal of reach-ing2,000CTIsbyyearsend. Yet with the current number of evalu-ators at 11, that has been impos-sible. Until now. Evaluators in training all took the CTI Startinginthemiddleof2019,exam themselves, to better understand theCTEFboardapprovedanwhat CTI candidates are up against and experientially learn about grading and intense week-long training of eval- evaluating the finished modules.78TileLetter | March 2020'