b'150-year-old Cathedral of the Holy Cross receives first-ever renovationplan was to install 20,000 squareto grout, as well as NXT Level, a feetof18x18tilethroughoutcement-based, self-leveling under-theentirenave,anditneededlayment,toflattenthefloorsas tobeperfectlyflatthroughoutasmuch as possible. directedbythearchdiocese.WeOncethefloorswereleveled, werehandedatopographicmaptheteaminstalledthesubfloor. ofthenaveareathatshowedanUnfortunately,becauseofwhere 8 variance from the floors highestthe pews had been placed through-and lowest points.outtheyears,theaislewas1/4 LATICRETErepresentativePeterhigher than the rest of the floor after McKeonjoinedNewBostonthe subfloor was installed. HYDRO Interiors onsite to inspect the floorBAN Board was the solution.variance and help identify a solu- CDXplywoodisnotstocked tiontotheverydifficulttaskatat1/4thickness,sowewere hand. McKeon advised the installerextremelygratefulthatHYDRO to use STRATA_MAT, a high-per- BAN Board, a lightweight, easy-to-formanceuncouplingmembraneinstall,ready-to-tilebackerboard, that offers an enhanced mechani- could be subbed in and performed calbondoftheadhesivemortarwonderfully. Without HYDRO BAN for faster drying and a shorter timeBoard, we would have had to put The Cathedral of the Holy Cross is a mainstay of the city of Boston, and is one of its most exciting renovation proj-ects to date. Here, parishioners celebrate Palm Sunday preceding Holy Week.George Martell42TileLetter | March 2020'