b'NTCA FIVE-STAR SPOTLIGHTNTCA FIVE-STAR SPOTLIGHTthingexceptfilloutthepaperwork, is sponsored by and wait for Adam and Noel to com-plete their CTI exams, DeGuisti said. ItellA&Dprofessionalswhoask why we are Five-Star Contractors and others are not: I dont know if we are Designedtodeliverattractive,any better than [our competition], but high-qualitytilesurfaceswhileIve gone through the trouble to prove preventingcall-backs,Customit.Anyothertradethatislicensed BuildingProductsPrismUltimatehas a continuing education program PerformanceCementGroutisthelikeourFive-StarProgram.Sowhy proven,go-toshouldnt we?optionforaDeGuisti currently sits on the NTCA widevarietyofBoard of Directors for Region 8, the installationproj- NTCATechnicalCommittee,and ects. A high-per- chairs a committee for a new section formance cementin the NTCA Reference Manual called groutmeetingSubmerged Applications. ANSIA118.7,ForDeGuisti,tileworkisagood its formulated forliving,andheenjoyscashingthe higherstrength,check at the end of the day. But the moreresistancejoy and satisfaction he has in his com-to cracking and less water absorp-tiontoreducethelikelihoodofpanys work comes down to pride. I staining.love to take my grandkids or custom-PrismUltimatePerformanceers to see some of the beautiful, hard, Cement Grout can be used in jointscomplicated work we do, he said. from1/16to1/2.ItwillnotWhatsmore,bydoingthingsby mottleorshaderegardlessoftilethebookandkeepingontopof type,temperatureorhumidity,andjobsknowing everything has been does not contribute to efflorescence.done righthe leaves the job with Thedensityprovidesstainresis- a clean conscience, he said. Though tance while its rapid-setting formulaa GC may not hire his company back expeditesprojects.PrismUltimate Performance Cement Grout is light- because of cost or Terra-Mar wouldnt weight, giving installers unmatchedagree to cutting corners or skimping handlingandworkabilitywhileon prep work, he explained, Weve contributingtoLEEDcertification.never had litigation on a job, and we Availablein17-poundboxes,have never not been rehired due to Prism Ultimate Performance Cementour craftsmanship. That allows him Groutcoversthesameareaasato sleep well at night, confident in a 25-poundbagofstandardgrout.job well done and proud of the crafts-www.custombuildingproducts.com.manship that went into the project. 62TileLetter | March 2020'