b'INFO SPECSFile Name: 20-1006 Ad TileLetter - Feb - Full Page Page Size: 5.5" x 8.5"PR#: XXXX Job#: 19-9441Number of Pages: 11144 E. Newpor t Center Dr.Artist: Georgina MorraEmail: gmorra@mapei.com Bleed: YesAmount: .125"Deer field Beach, FL 33442 Date: January 3, 2020 12:41 PM Colors: CMYK Process, 4/0NOTE: COLORS VIEWED ON-SCREEN ARE INTENDED FOR VISUAL REFERENCE ONLY AND MAY NOT MATCH THE FINAL PRINTED PRODUCT.BUSINESS Why Tile isA revolutionary hybrid-technology your ceramicadhesive for gauged porcelain tiletile education resourceThree years ago, the ceramic tileand healthcare environments, or by industry leaders came together toapplication,suchasusingtilefor create what is now Why Tile. Thisthe bathroom, kitchen, and roofing.initiative is the tile industrys jointForthosesearchingforinspi-effort to promote the use and bene- ration,WhyTileoffersarobust fits of ceramic tile. In the past threedesign gallery created to help users years,withcontributionsfromenvision the beautiful spaces they leading industry organizations andcancreate. Theever-growinggal-manufacturersthatregularlyaddlerynowboastsover800photos toWhy Tilesalready-robustcon- that can be filtered by residential, tent, Why Tile has become the tilecommercial, industry, project, tile industrys key educational resourcestyle, dcor, and color. for free informative tools, inspira- WhyTile.comalsooffersavari-tion and tile related assets. etyofcasestudiesandvideosto KathyMeyer,TCNAsDirectorbeusedbytheindustryprofes-ofMarketing,explainedthatsional. Thesiteshowcasesovera WhyTile.com offers information ondozen case studies that detail theThere is a revolution in tile technology. MAPEIs new ready-to-use, hybrid-polymer-based adhesive, where and how to use tile, expla- advantages of tile in real scenari- Ultrabond ECO GPT, combines cutting-edge chemistry with the latest tile technology to create a nationsonwhytileshouldbeos,includingcommercial,indus- time-saving and labor-saving necessity for GPT installation. selected over other materials; plus,trialandresidentialapplications.Hybrid advantages include:the site is a rich source of designThe videos include nine videos onLabor savings: Ready to useNo waste: Apply to the backs of tile onlyand style inspiration. Meyer addedceramic tile as a safe choice, eightNon-sag, but adjustable with a window of 30 minutesthattheApplicationandIndustryvideos on ceramic tile as ideal forStrong bond with flexibilityExtended open time of 30 to 45 minutestools are produced with architect/ anyapplication,andsevenvid- Cleanability: Easy to clean off tile surface in wet or dried statedesign professionals in mind.eos discussing qualified labor. WhyEasy to trowelTheWhyTiletoolscanhelpTilealsooffersaresourcelibraryThis hybrid fusion of chemistry and technology is also eco-friendly. Low in VOCs, Ultrabond ECO GPT can professionalscreatedesignsusingthat includes tile maintenance tips,be applied in confined spaces and carries several industry sustainability certifications.ceramictileforawiderangeofcommon terms and definitions, tileJoin the hybrid installation revolution. For more details on Ultrabond ECO GPT, visit www.mapei.us.purposes.Muchoftheinforma- schematics, and various guides and tionissortedbyindustries,sucheducational information on topics asusingtileinretail,corporate,such as sustainability and EPDs. 30TileLetter | March 2020 MAPEI USA20-1006 Ad TileLetter - Feb - Full Page.indd 1 1/3/20 3:12 PM'