b'ONE-TO-ONEis that every job is different and has itsownuniquesetofchallenges. With that, the job never gets bor-ing and always keeps you thinking and on your toes, literally. It is also the only trade I can think of in the whole industry that requires you to think creatively on a daily basis.What are the biggest challenges that you face as a small business owner?Callewaert: Initially for us, it was understanding all the nuances and uniquerequirementsofourmar-ket, establishing our standards, and thenstayingtruetothatpurpose. At this stage, Im all about passing it on, training the next generation. Managing my projects to the stan-dardsweveset,WHILEtraining the apprentices and young settersCallewaert and his crew at Dragonfly Tile can be a juggling act and there is& Stone Works have gained a reputation with their clients for both design and cost involved. installation excellence.Nordstroms glow-in-the dark octopus installation gained thousands of followers in the industry and on social media. 52TileLetter | March 2020'