b'150-year-old Cathedral of the Holy Cross receives first-ever renovationAfter nearly two years of renovations, in 2019 the main sanctuary at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross opened just in time for Holy Week. Parishioners gathered in the newly-renovated space for Easter Sunday.George Martellcould repair any bumps that came upalongthewaywitheaseand respect to the original building. CityProminence: TheCathedral of the Holy Cross is a mainstay and one of the most exciting renovation projectsthathastakenplacein Boston. All of the teams involved knew that they were being asked to complete a difficult task with the whole communitys eyes on them. LATICRETE solutions address extreme variances in floor heightsWhen we made our first site visit,STRATA_MAT, a high-performance uncoupling membrane that offers an we knew that we would have ourenhanced mechanical bond of the adhe-work cut out for us immediately,sive mortar for faster drying and a shorter said New Boston Interiors Projecttime to grout, as well as NXT Level, a cement-based, self-leveling underlayment, ManagerBrendanHoward.Thewere used to flatten the floors.40TileLetter | March 2020'