that stacking the diamond- shaped tile was going to require some spe- cial steps to keep the tile aligned properly. We modified our 1/16” T spacers to have a Y shape. This worked pretty well. The use of straight edges at the diagonal runs was crucial and helped keep the tiles from sliding out of alignment. The mitered outside edge also took some patience since White Thassos marble has a tendency to crumble when it is cut. There were quite a few attempts to get the perfect mitered edges for this focal corner. “Overall this timeless beauty was another great project for us,” Occhipinti concluded. “We are honored to be recognized for the work that we have done.” Make it Easy! u Waterproof wall inserts, for use with any installation method! u Surface mount design, easy to install without precise framing. u Available in 4 modular, practical sizes for more design options. u Nail it on and tile it in with modi- fied thinset mortar. u 9x13, 13x13, 13x20, 13x13 arch top The Original Recessed Niche for Tile and Stone Ready to tile ! Professional results every time ! Wheeler Tile & Company 800.965.9501 STONE –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 96 TileLetter | August 2018