To locate your nearest distributor, give us a call at 877- 577-6353 or visit us on the web at and click Dealer Locator. Featured Product Porsche Design Tower in Miami, FL. The Porsche Design Tower used a complete PROFLEX® system. The products used were RCU-250, PS-42, PS-42L, Super Stick, Perimeter Isolation Barrier, and PWA-500 in the upper penthouse. PS42L (PRO-STICK 42L) is a polymer modied dry set mortar composed of lightweight aggregates, sand, cement, dry resins and other proprietary chemicals used to adhere virtually all types of tile, especially large tile units, marble, and granite to acceptable surfaces. • Non-sag / Non-slump • Large Format Tile up to 7 lbs. per sq. ft. • Lightweight Formula • ANSI A118.11 compliant