Fusion Pro® Single Component® Grout from Custom® Building Products combines ease of use with stain resistance and color consistency in one unique prod- uct. Its enhanced formula is now easier to spread and clean – plus it can be used in wet areas. And only Fusion Pro is stain proof and color per- fect – guaran- teed. Fusion Pro grout is ready to use right from the bucket with no mixing and no waste. The pat- ented formula is engineered for stain resistance so it never needs sealing. Advanced resins give enhanced Fusion Pro a creamy consistency that makes it super easy to spread and clean. Fusion Pro cures with excep- tional hardness, similar to cement grouts. This grout is ideal for inte- rior or exterior and commercial or residential installations on floors, walls and even showers. It can be used with virtually all types of tile and natural stone with grout joints ranging from 1/2” to 1/16”. Fusion Pro is applied and cleaned immediately, with no wait for slaking or setting up, sav- ing valuable time on each project. www.CustomBuildingProducts.com MEMBER SPOTLIGHT ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– from under his feet when the box store decided to go with a work room format instead, jettisoning the small companies doing their installs. Today, Skyro Floors installs tile, hard surface flooring, and con- crete overlays in mostly residential remodel projects with some new construction. Though Ballin has only joined the NTCA in the last few months, he’s always been focused on train- ing and bettering himself. “I’m hungry for knowledge so first I got certified for hard surface flooring with CFI, then I took and passed the CTI test, and most recently joined the NTCA,” he explained. “I try to focus on higher-end/higher- paying customers since I live in a tourist market. While I’m still learning every day myself, I try to share my knowledge with others as much as possible. “I joined the NTCA because aside from my love of the industry I wanted to see firsthand what it can do for my business,” he con- tinued. “I’ve heard the ‘voucher argument’. I’ve also heard that some small business owners felt it was more geared towards bigger companies so instead of just listen- ing to stories I decided to find out for myself. What better way than to jump right in? “So far the greatest value in joining the NTCA is the support,” he said. “I don’t mean technical support. I mean from the other members and yes, I know, I didn’t 86 TileLetter | August 2018