Lippage is a huge issue It’s our turn to help PROLEVELING SYSTEM With an eye always oriented towards the future With an eye always oriented towards the future Progress Profiles SpA Certified company UN EN ISO 9001:2008 North America Headquarter Progress Profiles America Inc. 4 Middlebury Boulevard (Unit 14) Randolph, New Jersey 07869 U.S.A Phone 973 584 2650 Fax 973 584 2657 World Patent U.S. 8,635,815 B2 U.S. 9,328,522 B2 World Patent U.S. 8,635,815 B2 U.S. 9,328,522 B2 PATENTED PATENTED PATENTED Remover: fixed on a drill allows to remove levelers from caps (Anticlockwise) PROTECTION CUP LAY TURN Kicking the clip in the direction of the joint. REMOVE PROLEVELING SYSTEM the revolutionary PATENTED system to eliminate lippage in tile coverings. Proleveling ystem uni ue design allows for more efficient and accurate tile installations. ressure is applied vertically to the tile coverings eliminating lippage and creating the desired grout joint. PROLEVELING SYSTEM is made of 2 main components Leveler (White) and Universal Leveling Pommel (Blue). Leveler Unique Design: Levelers come in 3 shape (Cross, T Shape and Straight) and 4 Sizes 1mm (1/16”) 2mm (3/32”) 3mm 1/8” and 5mm (3/16”). Universal Leveling Pommel: Allows quick and precise leveling of tile coverings. After tile adhesive is set removal of the levelers is achieved by hitting the Pommel in the direction of t he grout joint. Universal Leveler Removal: Tool to quickly remove levelers from Pommel. To be used with cordless drill. Universal Protection Cap: Protection cap to be inserted between the tile and the Pommel to prevent possible damage of extremely delicate surfaces. Eliminate your lippage problems with PROLEVELING SYSTEM the efficient and cost e ective system by PROGRESS PROFILES® .