you, then take the time to write up a formal estimate in your office. The course then progresses into everything that you should include in your estimate. Many contractors forget about overhead or what to do if the homeowner is adamant about buying the tile themselves. Will it meet ANSI A137.1? Will you be required to do extra work because of this tile? The course gets into these concerns and oth- ers. It also identifies what you should do to protect yourself. Remember, you are a business owner and you must protect your business and be profitable. You are no longer only a tile setter. Do you only have a handshake agree- ment? Or do you detail deposits and payment schedules with a signed contract? Finally, the course reviews contracts and terms. It also discusses liens and the proper way to notify the homeowner in writing of your process to recoup any unpaid contractual services. As I stated, this is the first in a series of estimating courses. As they become available I will be updating everyone in TileLetter since these courses are in such high demand. To purchase your subscription, you can visit the NTCA store. Go to and hover over Education & Certification on the home page, then click NTCA University. Or point your browser to to make your purchase. If you have any questions or ideas for courses that we should have avail- able, please give me a call at 770- 366-2566 or send me an email at NTCA UNIVERSITY UPDATE––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 102 TileLetter | August 2018