Even with grout joints so tiny that they look almost invisible, grouting between each individual tile needs to be regularly cleaned. And even granite material contains tiny pin- holes and fissures into which con- taminants may penetrate. To cut to the chase, the most hearty of gran- ite material also needs a surface maintenance program to ensure its longevity in both aesthetics and performance. It’s obviously vitally important for buyers and specifiers to know the characteristics of ALL the stone flooring they are buying. And it’s just as important for them to know the characteristics of the surface care products needed to clean, protect and maintain these natural surfaces. Many of today’s surfac- ing materials produced for both the commercial and residential construction marketplaces can contain harmful substances. In spite of the global out- cry relative to climatic change, they continue to be specified. Even build- ing materials that claim to be recyclable can end up in a landfill. It’s time for you and your customers to acknowledge the need to consider more environ- mentally friendly building materials such as natural stone. And in doing so, to consider the best possible ways in which take care of this time-honored material. –––––––––– FILA (Fabbrica Italiana Lucidi ed Affini) has achieved international recognition for excellence in pro- viding highly technical, easy-to- use protection and care treatment systems for all surfaces. A family- owned yet strategically structured managerial company, FILA has become a large international group always maintaining strong core val- ues. With an eye on the future, FILA offers optimal answers to the needs of every client, consistently staying ahead of the market. That’s just one reason FILA has been endorsed as “#1” by 250 of the world’s leading tile and stone producers. www.filasolutions.com/usa/ TECHNICAL FEATURE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 3 FILA PW10 Anti-Contaminant Back Sealer permanent- ly protects tile surfaces from streaks or stains caused by efflorescence. It prevents mineral deposits from rising through the substrate and sides to the material surface and is specifically created for all natural stone, terracotta and absorbent materials. 82 TileLetter | August 2018