NTCA BENEFITS BOX NTCA Business Manual NTCA has a strong focus on train- ing and education for the technical aspects of your business. But we also realize that being in business isn’t solely about the physical,hands-on aspect of setting tile – if you are to be a successful business person, having a clear, well-crafted busi- ness plan can mean the difference between just getting by and thriving in your work. To that end, NTCA has created a Business Manual for the small contractor – a publication that is currently under review by our Business Committee. Elements of the business plan contained in the document detail: • Executive Summary • General Company Description • Products and Services • Marketing Plan • Operational Plan • Management and Organization • Personal Financial Statement • Financial History and Analysis • Financial Plan • Appendices • Refining the Plan With the recent addition of two new NTCA staff members – Stephanie Samulski, Director of Technical Services, and Avia Haynes, Director of Marketing & Communications, the Business Committee will be moving ahead to update, refine and prepare this manual for widespread use within the membership. Stay tuned! BUSINESS MANUAL National Tile Contractors Association 98 TileLetter | August 2018