with a partner that can facilitate an increased number of eligible products being ‘on the menu’ for consideration in North American green building projects. All information within the Green Squared Certified product data- base is syndicated with Ecomedes’s master database, Fulcrum (ful- crum.ecomedes.com), which is the green product library used by many of the largest architectur- al firms and purchasing organi- zations in the US. Furthermore, Ecomedes has partnered with some of the largest purchasing organi- zations in the country, including the GSA and California Energy Commission, to develop propri- etary libraries that contain only products that satisfy a particular purchaser’s needs. As an example, Ecomedes is the exclusive host of the online product library used by Federal purchasing officials to find certified green products: https:// sftool.ecomedes.com/. With Green Squared Certified products entered into Ecomedes’s database, there is inherent uptake into libraries cre- ated proprietarily by Ecomedes for purchasers. In today’s day and age of data- base positioning, information partners are extremely important. According to Ecomedes, they “con- nect buyers and sellers with better data to make a purchasing decision and get the right information need- ed for projects.” To that end, they are a leader in green building, and the tile industry is well-positioned having them as a partner in Green Squared. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, the Green Squared web- site recently received a facelift. For more information about the pro- gramanddirectlinkagetotheGreen Squared Certified product library, visit GreenSquaredCertified.com. BUSINESS TIP ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 32 TileLetter | August 2018